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Sunday 17th January - Epiphany 2

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Ticketing - **Currently Suspended**

Follow the link below to reserve you ticket to all services in church.

  • Ticket booking will be live for the forthcoming Sunday at 10am on the Wednesday and will go offline at 17:00 on the Friday.

  • There will be a maximum capacity of 60 but this figure may be amended at any point by the organisers for health and safety reasons.

  • Please only book spaces that you need, and will need to enter details (Email, Name and Tel) for ‘Track and Trace’ if required later on.

  • The booking of multiple tickets together will be for those who can sit in a family or bubble together, and separate individual tickets need to be booked for those being seated on their own (i.e. a separate booking).

  • If you become unwell or know you can no longer attend then please cancel your booking using the link provided in the email you receive after your booking. If you have a problem cancelling then please email or call the Parish Office and advise them.

  • If you are not online then please contact the Parish office (if you know before Friday midday). It is appreciated things may change after this time.

  • If there is no space remaining, then you will be directed to a ‘Wait List’ so you can enter your details ready to be transferred as a priority to the following week (you must enter your details to receive your booking, and please make sure you can attend before completing). If you can no longer attend as the week progresses, then the same applies as above.

  • As per Government Guidance please ensure the wearing of face coverings.

  • We look forward to welcoming you.

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Draft APCM Minutes

A draft copy of the minutes from the APCM held at St. Margaret's Church and via Zoom in October 2020.

Easter Team Update

Next delivery to Easter Team 22nd January.

Please leave donations in the basket in church or contact to arrange collection or alternative drop off.

Tinned fruit, puddings, fish and especially meat are most needed at the moment please but not rice, pasta or baked beans for now.


Thank you 😊 .

CAP (Christians Against Poverty) 


Mission update from Rob Pudney:


Hi everyone, as the Crawley Debt Centre approaches its sixth year anniversary of opening in March, I believe we are going to be facing a huge influx of people needing help with their debts in the coming months.


As we enter a new lockdown, it makes it even more difficult to come alongside people and help them, but what we can continue to do is give them 'Hope' that there is a way out of their situation, and serve them without judgement, just as Jesus taught us.


We should also give thanks that over 70 people have gone debt free since we opened, however the Crawley centre continues to be one of the busiest in the South East and people do need help.


Your continued prayers would be great, and if you feel you can help financially then we are asking people to become a local 'Lifeline' and give what they can to support the centre on a monthly basis.


There will be more opportunities to get involved in the future, and I will let you know in a future update - please contact me for more information or if you can go online, you can download the form from our website 


God Bless,


Rob or Tel: 07895 552127 (I volunteer on a Weds but will get back to you as soon as I can).  


Bringing good news, hope and freedom to those in debt. Serving the community in the Crawley area.

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"