What Happens Now?

With Simon having left for pastures new, Ifield Parish is now entering what’s known as an interregnum. That is, we’re between rectors.


So, who’s in charge? We are, at a local level, as sequestrator's, together with the Rural Dean, Angela Martin, vicar of Forest Row. Our first task is to ensure that all services are covered by appropriate ministers. This means that a significant load is likely to fall on Daphne, Margaret and Jill, who will be supported by licensed clergy from surrounding parishes, and occasionally from further afield.

The next step is to await instructions from the Bishop of Chichester, who will require the PCC to convene a special meeting to select two representatives as part of a selection panel who will choose our next incumbent.

The PCC then needs to produce a Parish Profile, setting out what we are about as a church and containing a description of the role envisaged for our next rector. This will be used to try to identify potential candidates. Depending on the outcome of this step, we may be required to place a formal advertisement in the Church Times to cast the net wider.

Once one or more candidates has been identified, formal interviews will take place. It may be the case that none of the candidates is considered suitable, or none wishes to take up the position, in which case the process begins all over again.


Once a candidate has been offered the position and accepted it, they need to consult with their current Bishop and give a minimum of three months’ notice.  In the meantime, the Diocese will carry out DBS checks on the successful applicant and agree a date for their licensing. The two parishes concerned then have to agree a mutually acceptable date for simultaneous

announcements to be made.

We will keep you appraised of any developments as they occur, and ask that you pray for all those involved in this important process, that the right person may be identified, and of course for Simon as he begins his new ministry in Brockenhurst.

Yours in Christ, Rob and Chris (Parish Wardens)

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"