Trinity 8 - Sunday 2nd August 2020



First Reading

Isaiah 55:1-5


Second Reading



Matthew 14:13-21

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Please note the video will be premiered at 11am on Sunday morning.

Notices & Service Sheets
Children's Activities

Gathering prayer:

Lord Jesus as we meet together, may we be as keen as the crowds in today's story; wanting to stay close to you and ready to hear what you will say to us today. Amen 


Today Jesus and the disciples face a challenge when more than 5000 people need dinner, but Jesus performs a miracle and there is more than enough food for everyone.


This Sunday's Gospel reading is Matthew 14: 13-21 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . You can also watch this animated version: 

Song for today: Jesus you're my superhero

Activity for now:

Using a piece of bread, gather with those in your household. As you pass the piece of bread around break a piece off and pass to the next person saying "God, help us to be generous" then pass on the bread until everyone has had a piece. Finish with a prayer thanking God for his generosity to us.

Messy Activity:

Make your own pizzas. Choose your toppings, bake and now share your pizza with your family. Be considerate to what other people like - remember you don't have to cover the whole pizza in what you like, think about what others like too!

Activity for this week:

What do you have they you could share with someone else? Perhaps there is something you no longer need, clothes or toys, that you could give to someone who could use it. Make sure you check with a grown up first before giving things away!


Prayer for today:

The crowds gathered around you, Lord, to share with you; your words and your food. Help us to go out to share your words of love and your bread of life.  Amen

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"