Trinity 6 (Sea Sunday) - Sunday 11th July 2021

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Children's Activities

God gives me a brand new start, it's a chance to make my mark. In your name Lord Jesus: we have come. Of our own free will: we have come. Together with each other and with you, Lord Jesus: we have come. Amen 


Today we explore who and what explores our actions.


This Sunday's reading is Mark 6 14-29 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . 


Song for today Part of your plan by Fischy Music - YouTube


Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

How easy do you find doing the right thing?

John the Baptist told Herod what was right. How did John know the right thing?

What can help us decide whether something is right or wrong?


Craft Activity:

Divide a paper plat into 3 sections - label each one think, pray and do. Now decorate the plate. Make a cardboard arrow and fix it into the centre of the plate using a split pin. We need to think and pray before we act. Use your spinner this week.


Extra Activity:

Watch an episode of 'Newsround' to find out some things that are happening in the world right now. Write down one thing from the programme that you think is wrong and needs change. How could you help? What do you think should be done? 


Activity for this week:

Contact your MP to tell them about something you feel needs putting right.


Prayer for today:

Loving Lord, we pray for people in places where it is hard to worship you: where they are made fun of; where they are hurt; where they are put in prison. all because they believe in you. Give them courage, give them strength, and let them know our love and our prayers.. Amen