Trinity 4 - Sunday 5th July 2020

First Reading

Psalm 145:8-15


Second Reading

Romans 7:15-25a


Matthew 11:16-19,25-End

Coffee & Chat

Topic: Coffee and Chat - 5th July

Time: Jul 5, 2020 10:30 AM London

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Healing Ministry

Topic: Healing Ministry- 5th July

Time: Jul 5, 2020 12:00 PM London

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Youtube - Service

Please note that the service link / Video will Premiere from 11:00 on Sunday.

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Also available on facebook - follow our new page to see the live premiere.

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Children's Activities

Gathering prayer:

Lord Jesus, for the times we do not see what you are doing in the world:  We are sorry Lord. 

For the times we do things our own way, and do not try to follow you:  We are sorry, Lord. 

For the times we do not listen to the things you are teaching us:  We are sorry, Lord.




Today we are reassured by Jesus that no matter how busy our life is, if we ask him, he will share our burdens and give us rest.



This Sunday's Gospel reading is Matthew 11: 16-19, 25-30 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . Or why not watch this song about what Jesus said and take 5 minutes to be calm and still


Song for today:

He's Jesus


Activity for now:

Decorate a cardboard tube using pens and stickers, write on the outside 'God's wisdom'. Then measure and cut a cross shape that is small enough to fit on one end of the tube. Using sticky tape fix this in place. Now look through the other end of the tube and you will see the cross. This is to remind you what Jesus revealed about God's wisdom to the world.


Creative Activity:

Use any arts and craft materials that you can to create a piece of artwork that represents what you think 'wisdom' looks like. Be as creative as you like, the picture can be abstract too.

Activity for this week:

When you are worried, sad or just very busy this week, find a pebble or small stone and put it in a safe place. Remember that Jesus can share our worries.

Prayer for today:

Lord Jesus, as we go out from here, give us eyes to see what you are doing in the world so that we can learn more of you.  


St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"