Trinity 2 - Sunday 13th June 2021

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Creator God, thank you that you have planted us here. Thank you for roots of friendship, and the fruit of the Spirit. Amen 


Today we explore the environment in which God's kingdom values flourish.


This Sunday's reading is Mark 4 26-34 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . 

Or you can watch a video of the story here The Mustard Seed I Animated Bible Story | HolyTales Bible Storie - YouTube


Song for today Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed (with Lyrics) - YouTube


Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

When have you felt like you have really grown in something?

What do you think Jesus wanted people to understand about growth?

How can you create the right environment for God's values to grow in your life?


Craft Activity:

Using some paint and paper, use your handprints to paint a picture that represents flowers. Then paint a stem underneath.

Once you are clean write things that you are interested in and gifted at around the paintings to represent your own fruitfulness. Leave the painting to dry and then hang it up somewhere to remind you of your developing skills, talents and faith.


Extra Activity:

Go outside and spend some time looking at the plants, flowers and trees. Spend some time wondering about how seeds grow into the beauty of nature. You might want to investigate further on the internet.

Lord, we know that the rubbish that fills our world, plastic and poverty, waste and want, fills you with sadness. Forgive us for wasting our resources and stunting the earth's life. May we sow hope in the world that you created. AMEN.


Activity for this week:

Plant some seeds this week. As you watch them grow, think about how you are growing in faith.


Prayer for today:

Creator God, send us out to be ready to learn from your words, ready to grow in faith and ready to sow the seeds of your love. Amen