Trinity 14 - Sunday 13th September 2020

First Reading

Genesis 50:15-21


Second Reading

Romans 14:1-12


Matthew 18:21-35

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Gathering prayer:

Lord God, help us to understand how good it feels to forgive and to be forgiven. Help us to remember tat you forgive us again and again.  Amen 


Today Jesus teaches that we should always forgive.


This Sunday's Gospel reading is Matthew 18 21-35 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . Or watch this cartoon version of the story 

Song for today: This is the story of the cross

Activity for now:

Use an empty jar or bottle and some grains of rice. Glue seven grains of rice to the outside of the lid and then use the rest to fill the jar/bottle to the brim. The rice on the outside represents how Peter suggested we should forgive, while the rice inside represents how Jesus says we should forgive. Use the jar as a reminder when you need to forgive someone.

Extra Activity:

Desmond Tutu compares forgiving someone to walking a labyrinth path - can it feel like we're almost there, then we end up back near where we started. Google search and print off a finger labyrinth. Think of a situation where you have felt hurt by another person, meditate on how you can forgive them, as you trace your finger to the centre.

Activity for this week:

If anyone does something that annoys, angers or upsets you this week, try not to react but stop, count to 7 and make a decision to forgive them.


Prayer for today:

Help us Lord, to always remember to forgive as you forgive us. Again and again and for ever.  Amen

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

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