Trinity 13 - Sunday 6th September 2020

First Reading

Ezekiel 33:7-11


Second Reading



Matthew 18:15-20

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Please note that the service will be available from 11am on Sunday morning.

Notices & Service Sheets
Children's Activities

Gathering prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, we don't have to see you to know you are with us. You bring us all together as a community, in your love. Thank you Jesus.  Amen 


Today Jesus teaches us how to deal with someone who upsets us.


This Sunday's Gospel reading is Matthew 18 15-20 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . Then watch this video which explains what Jesus was teaching 

Song for today: This little light of mine

Activity for now:

Use a coloured piece of paper. Think of times that you have been wronged or upset by other people, and tear a piece off for each one. (You may want to do this with someone else and different coloured paper) Now use the ripped up pieces of paper to create a mosaic of something beautiful e.g. a flower, a heart or a butterfly. Beautiful things can come from dealing with things that have upset us.

Creative Activity:

Draw a person shape on a piece of paper or card and cut it out. Now write on the shape an action or quality that helps a community ti get along well or builds them up. You may want to create more than one person can then join these together into a community.

Activity for this week:

Think of a friend who you have upset or who has upset you. Make an effort this week to get in touch with them and put things right.


Prayer for today:

Dear God, we go back to our communities; the places where we live, where we learn to listen to you and to each other and act on what we hear. Be with us. Lord.   Amen

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

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