Trinity 11 - Sunday 23rd August 2020

First Reading

Isaiah 51:1-6


Second Reading

Romans 12:1-8


Matthew 16:13-20

Refresh Service - 09:30

Please note that the service Refresh Service will Premiere from 09:30 on Sunday.

Main Service

Please note that the main Sunday service will be recorded and will be uploaded on Sunday / Monday.

Please check back for updates.

Notices & Service Sheets
Children's Activities

Gathering prayer:

Father God as we come together here today, build us together as your Church, one family, together in this place. Amen 


Today Peter acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God and Jesus promises that Peter will be the foundation of the Church.


This Sunday's Gospel reading is Matthew 16: 13-20 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . or watch this Lego version 

Song for today: Father I place into your hands

Activity for now:

Using cardboard boxes or any junk around, can you build a church. Once you have completed your church, can you write or draw some of the verses from today's reading onto it?

Extra Activity:

You will need a rock or flat pebble. Think of someone or something that you would like to pray for. Write your prayers onto the rock, you may have several - write these on different rocks. Pile these up into a prayer cairn. When finished say this prayer over them. Dear Lord, thank you for the opportunity to build this cairn today, to bring all of our individual prayers and concerns together. Please bless each one and help us to remember that you are the solid rock we can build our lives on. Amen

Activity for this week:

Challenge for this week - can you create your own short film of this week's bible reading. You may want to use Lego, play doh, paper, pens or something else. Have fun with it!


Prayer for today:

Through our words and actions, make us ready to take every opportunity under your protection and guidance. Send us out to share your story the good news for all people.  Amen​​

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"