Trinity 1 - Sunday 6th June 2021

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God of all, your love binds us together. But we break the bond of love. Forgive us. Unite us as one community in Christ.  Amen 


Today we explore how what we say or do creates or breaks down community.


This Sunday's reading is Mark 3 20-35 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . 

Or you can watch a video of the story here Mark 3:20-35 - True Family - YouTube


Song for today Peace, Perfect Peace (is the gift of Christ our Lord) - Primary School Hymn - YouTube


Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

What do you value about being part of a family?

How does Jesus help you to think differently about who you include?

What do you think doing the 'will of God' means in everyday life?


Craft Activity:

Using some play dough, make some people and animals that are in your family. Think about others that you are connected to e.g. friends and add them to your family too. Now you could add someone who might be feeling lonely e.g. neighbour. How can you show kindness to all those people in your family through the next week.


Extra Activity:

On some sticky notes write down any groups, teams, clubs and communities that you belong to. Write each one on a separate sticky note. Then on a large piece of paper write 'Good's Family' and then stick your sticky notes around this. Look at how big God's family really is. Say a pray that reminds you how big God's family is and that we are all one community in God. 


Activity for this week:

Pray for someone who lives on their own, or who you think might be feeling lonely.


Prayer for today:

Send us out, in the power of your Spirit, to build up our communities in all we do and say. Amen