Trinity Sunday - Sunday 30th May 21

First Reading

Isaiah 6: 1-8

Second Reading

Romans 8:12-17


John 3:1-17

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Children's Activities

Be present, Father God as we bring you our praise. Be present, Lord Jesus, our Saviour and friend. Be present, Holy Spirit, as we declare our faith, Trinity in unity, God Almighty, Father, Son and Spirit. Amen 


Today we explore experiencing God in mystery and closeness


This Sunday's reading is John 3 1-17 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . 

Or you can watch a video of the story here Jesus And Nicodemus | Stories of Jesus | New Testament | Bible For Children | Holy Tales Bible Story - YouTube


Song for today Father Spirit Jesus by Casting Crowns - YouTube


Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

The Pharisees were people who tried to keep every part of the Jewish law very strictly. 

Do you know what a miracle is? It is a wonderful sign or event that can only be done by God's power.

How do you feel when you experience something you can't easily explain? What might being a 'child of God' mean for you?


Craft Activity:

You will need three pipe cleaners. Twist one pipe cleaner into a circle by twisting the ends together. Loop a second pipe cleaner through the circle and then twist the ends to make a second circle interlinked with the first. Finally thread a third pipe cleaner through both of the circles and twist it together so that there is 3 interlinked circles. This is a symbol of the Trinity.


Extra Activity:

On a piece of paper can you draw 3 separate for God as as Son and one as Holy Spirit. When you have finished, think about whether some parts were harder/easier to draw? 

We can get very close to God, but even then, there is so much mystery about who God is.


Activity for this week:

Notice and write down what makes you feel close to God this week; is it time in quiet, outside, with family or something else?


Prayer for today:

We pray for our church leaders: may they hear God's voice. We pray for the leaders of the nations: may they bring peace to the world. We pray for ourselves: may we bring to our family, friends and neighbours the good news of God's love. Amen