ReFresh - But What is it??

ReFresh is taking a break, so there will be no more ‘Fourth Sunday’ services in church or online for the foreseeable future.

Sue and Ian are both involved in the First Sunday services, which are now back in church at 11am each month (on, err, the First Sunday!). If you liked ReFresh, then you’ll probably like that service too. 

If you’re missing the ReFresh music, you can still access the video links here


ReFresh is intended to be a God-centric, user-friendly, inter-active, thought-provoking, free-flowing, easily accessible service.


ReFresh is intended to be suitable for all ages and tastes. That doesn't mean for the whole 45 minutes though. It means there will be something suitable which anyone and everyone can connect with at some point during each ReFresh, but at times, some of it may not resonate at all. And that’s okay with us if it’s okay with them. If we were all the same, ReFresh wouldn’t need to exist. And if ReFresh was all the same, it would be more boring than we want it to be. We try to look into the face of boredom and mock it until it flees.


A typical ReFresh service (if there were such a thing) incorporates contemporary praise songs, action songs and occasionally hymns; Bible readings; illuminative video clips; stories; testimonies; poetry; experiential learning; Suepedia (she’s called Sue, she surfs the internet, that’s what that is); creative prayer; and running refreshments (not necessarily in that order!). Plus other stuff, when we think of it, or when God orchestrates it. Did I mention mumbling theologically into microphones and posing rhetorical questions? That happens too.


We like to think of ReFresh as doing church differently. We like to say that ReFresh is more than the sum of its parts. If we were any good at maths, we could prove this to you with diagrams and graphs. But we aren't any good at maths, so we can't. 


We have a small but rather beautifully open-minded core of regulars, as well as a swirling mix of sporadic dropper-inners and numerous random attendees who have checked us out at some point to see what all the noise was about. Mostly, the noise was about 10 on a guitar amp.


As well as our regular fourth Sunday, once-a-monthly, 45-minute services, we traditionally have a Christmas edition of Refresh on a Sunday evening in December (watch out for our mulled-wine marketing ploy!)


When we started ReFresh in January 2015, we said it would be hard to explain. Which was very wise of us, because here we are, a few years later, still unable to explain it. It’s probably best to just wander it and see what you think.

And if, what you’re thinking about now is how this stream of ReFresh-related consciousness will end, the answer is, err, like this… 

That’s ReFresh for you. 

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