Patronal Festival - Sunday 18th July 2021

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Children's Activities

Let us be still because: God is with us. Let us feel God's presence because: God is with us. Let us know God's peace because: God is with us. Amen 


Today we explore the importance of balance in how we use our time.


This Sunday's reading is Mark 6 30-34, 53-56 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . 


Song for today Come To Me All You Who Are Weary - YouTube


Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

How important do you feel that rest and relaxation is for you?

Why do you think Jesus needed time to rest?

What could you do to help yourself and others relax better?


Craft Activity:

Create a simple bookmark with 3 sections: WORK, REST and PLAY. In each section write your favourite ways to do these. Now add ways to include God in each of these. Use your bookmark this week at home as a reminder that God is with you in work, rest and play times.


Extra Activity:

Build a den out of blankets, string, furniture etc. Make it comfortable with cushions and fairy lights. Spend some time inside your den, you may even want to play some quiet music. Jesus needed to rest and find a deserted place to be with God.


Activity for this week:

Be aware of how much time this week you spend resting and how much of the time you are busy?


Prayer for today:

God of rest and play, give us strength to do everything we need to do this week and help us to know when we need to stop and know your peace. Amen