Palm Sunday - Sunday 28th March 21

First Reading

Isaish 50: 4-9a

Second Reading

Philippians 2:5-11


Passion Gospel According to Mark

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Children's Activities

Gathering prayer:

We come, generous God, to learn more about your love for us. Help us to join in the celebration of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem. Show us how to be your disciples. Be with us now. Amen 


Today we explore what it means to give extravagantly.


This Sunday's reading is Mark 11, 1-11 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use . 

Or you can watch a video of the reading here God's Story: Palm Sunday - YouTube

Song for today:

We Sing Hosanna :: Children's Easter Song :: Palm Sunday - YouTube

Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

Describe a time when you received a gift that made you feel really special.

What would be a modern-day example of throwing coats on the road for Jesus?

In what practical ways can we celebrate God through giving or sharing our possessions with him or others?


Extra Activity:

Can you act out the story? Perhaps get someone to read it as you act it out. Use dressing-up clothes for the cloaks, maybe a bike for the donkey if you have space. Stop at the end of each paragraph and think about what the characters are doing and how they feel about the story as it unfolds.

Extra Craft Activity:

Which words in the passage celebrate Jesus? What other words might we use today? Make a palm branch and decorate your palm branch with one of the words or phrases celebrating Jesus.

Activity for this week:

Look for opportunities to share your possessions with other people this week, and picture the crowds laying their cloaks on the road whenever you lend your friends things they need.

Prayer for today:

Jesus, we don't follow your instructions: We're sorry, forgive us. We don't celebrate our love for you enough: We're sorry, forgive us. We don't look after each other as you did: We 're sorry, forgive us. We are not generous enough with what we have: We're sorry, forgive us. Amen

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"