Epiphany 2 - Sunday 17th January 21

First Reading

1 Samuel 3:1-10

Second Reading

Revelation 5:1-10


John 1: 43 - 51

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Topic: St Margaret's Church - 11am Live Service on Zoom


Please join from 10:50am – the service will be recorded to put online after the service. Coffee and chat afterwards.


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Gathering prayer:

Loving God, speak to us through the words of the Bible; speak to us through the words of our friends, that we may call others to come and listen too. Amen 


Today we hear about two friends who have an unexpected encounter with Jesus and initially react in very different ways. Together Philip and Nathanael help each other to understand who Jesus us and they begin a journey that will redefine who they are.


This Sunday's reading is John 1 43-51 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use www.biblegateway.com . 


Watch this video to listen to the bible reading for today

015 - Jesus' First Disciples (English) - YouTube 

Song for today:

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace with Lyrics - YouTube 

Activity for now:

Make a prayer journal - we can use a prayer journal or diary to write or draw the things we see, hear or notice from God. Perhaps you could make a prayer journal for yourself and also for someone else in your house to encourage them. Staple some paper together and then on the front page write 'Prayer Journal', decorate and personalise as you wish.

Extra Activity:

Make a set of paper dolls, using a concertina of paper. Decorate these to represent yourself and your friends that you can share Jesus with.

Activity for this week:

Watch a clip of The Masked Singer and talk with someone about who the person under the mask might be. Talk  about time when we might want to hide who we really are and put on a mask, but Jesus calls us as we are. Is it wonderful!!


Prayer for today:
God, as we go out, may we: come to you in prayer, see the best in each situation and hear your words of love over us. Amen

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"