Easter 7 - Sunday 16th May 21

First Reading

Acts 1:1-11

Second Reading

Ephesians 1:15-end


Luke 24:44-end

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Children's Activities

We have a friend we can trust, who shows us that faith is a must. When things get tough, and life feels rough, walk even closer to God. Jesus you returned to heaven promising to send your Spirit. As we wait, help us to pray with your friends around the world; come Holy Spirit. Amen 


Today we explore what Jesus' prayer for his friends in uncertain times.


This Sunday's reading is John 17. 6-19 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use www.biblegateway.com . 

Or you can watch a video of the story here Jesus Prays - YouTube


Song for today Majesty by Delirious with lyrics - YouTube


Talk Activity for now:

Sit and chat with someone at home:

To glorify means to praise or honour greatly. Who do we glorify today?

Where is Jesus leaving and where is he going to?

Jesus keeps asking for protection for his disciples. Why do they need this protection?


Craft Activity:

Create a prayer window. Use some sticky backed plastic, remove the backing paper. In the middle of the plastic place some paper praying hands. No stick lots of different coloured pieces of tissue paper around the hands, covering all of the sticky sheet. Stick the prayer window onto a window at home to remind you to pray.


Extra Activity:

Use cardboard boxes or any other junk materials to make a fort. Jesus' prayer was all about protection for his friends. Decorate the fort with crosses and other symbols to help protect you.


Activity for this week:

Try to pray in five different places this week - for example, on the way to school or in the park.


Prayer for today:

We pray for people who don't know Jesus, in our families, among our neighbours and friends. May they know God's love for them. Amen