Easter 5 - Sunday 10th May 2020

First Reading

Acts 7.55-End


Second Reading

1 Peter 2.2-10


John 14.1-14

Easter 5

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Service Of the Word

Easter 5 - YouTube

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Fiish Service - May 2020

Pew Sheet

Childrens Activities

Before we read this week's Gospel reading, can you play a game of follow the leader with someone at home. Take turns to be the leader, can you manage to be the leader without talking?


This Sunday's Gospel reading is John 14 1-14 either read it yourself from your own Bible or use www.biblegateway.com 

Once you have read through the reading, how about singing this song - make sure you join in with the actions!



Activity for now:

On A4 card, write at the bottom "I am the way, the truth and the life". Now carefully dip your foot in paint, and print it onto the card above the writing. Leave this to dry, and once dry put it on display somewhere to remind you that Jesus is the way.


Activity for this week:

Make a simple labyrinth by arranging pebbles on the floor in a spiral as largae as possible. Imagine Jesus is beside you as you walk carefully around the labyrinth. Once you get to the centre, turn around and come back again. As you walk imagine Jesus is walking beside you - how do you feel?

Prayer for today:

Dear God,

We pray for those who have lost their path through life; may they know you are the way maker. We pray for those who feel troubled; may they know you as truth-teller. We pray for those who are without peace; may they know you as the life-giver. Amen

St Margaret's Church - Parish of Ifield

"Loved as you are"